About Rainmaker

As a fourth grader at Lincoln Elementary school in Augusta, Maine... I came in first place selling greeting cards in our annual fund raiser. I actually selected a beautiful hunting knife as my gift, much to the dismay of my mother.

As a college student... greeting cards were still a part of my life. I received a greeting card every day from my bride to be (Sherry) who was waiting for me back home. We will be celebrating our 38th anniversary at the end of the month.

When I was in my late twenties, I started a business that sold photocopier equipment in the State of Maine. We built our company into one of the 25 largest Sharp dealerships in the country before selling to a Fortune 500 country. We built our business through exceptional customer service. I learned early on that the number one reason that a company stops doing business with you is because they forget about you. The second reason is that they think you took their business for granted. I was determined not to let our customers forget about us through our monthly contact program. Greeting cards were an integral part of those monthly contacts.

Retirement brought new challenges... I found that I didn't play golf well enough that I should play every day. Sherry certainly didn't think I should be home EVERY day so I decided to start a new company... you guessed it! I started a greeting card company specializing in cards for businesses and in particular, salespeople. I was in my second year of business when I first heard of Send Out Cards. The rest is history so to speak.

The cards you see on this site are designs that we used to offer in my previous greeting card company. My sons and I have been using a lot of these designs to build our SOC business. We're pleased to have the opportunity to offer them to the entire SOC family. I hope you find these cards fun, entertaining and profitable.

This website was created to provide a resource for other Send Out Card prospects, customers and distributors. I've attempted to share tools that have helped me in building my Send Out Cards business. A lot of these tools, perhaps not all of them, can be used to build any business.

As some of you might know, I didn't have prior network marketing experience prior to enrolling in Send Out Cards so it's been an ongoing learning experience for me.

I am always open to other suggestions that might improve my business so please feel free to share your suggestions and ideas with me.

To your success,

Jim Packard