On The Razor's Edge - Complete E-Book

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Millions have joined the alternative online world called Your Life, leaving personal information with their avatars and conducting tens of millions of dollars of commerce, all blissfully unaware that a trap is about to be sprung; a trap that has already claimed the lives of both of the online world's creators and that threatens to turn the online world into one deadly fraud.

The clock is ticking when Jimmy Quinn, the sixteen-year-old son of one of the creators, joins Your Life and mysteriously finds himself transported into the online world. Seeking to connect with his lost father, Jimmy soon discovers the nefarious plans of Mackey Stark, his father's partner; the man who laid the trap and killed Jimmy's father to cover it up. With just hours until the trigger date, Jimmy must race to stop Stark's plan before the avatars are forced to betray their own creators. To save the online world his father created, Jimmy joins forces with his best friend's avatar and follows the hidden clues left by his father. As he narrowly escapes attack after attack, Jimmy questions whom he can trust in a world where identities can change instantly. Ultimately, Jimmy must face his father's old nemesis then overcome a new enemy he didn't know he had.

Even if Jimmy can save Your Life, can he find his way home in time to save his mother and himself from a real world deadly threat? While Jimmy is trapped in world, Stark's sixteen-year-old son, Crispin, consumed with anger, hatches a plan to kill Martha Franks, the rookie police officer who shot and killed his father, and who is now investigating suspected identity theft in Your Life. Crispin also targets Jimmy and his mother. Cheri Stark, brutalized by her son just as she was by her dead husband, must find the courage to stop her son.

It is up to Jimmy to save his father's creation, to protect the online world, to foil Stark's multi-million dollar plot, to rescue Mrs. Quinn and Martha Franks, and, in the end, to save himself.

Combining the taut action of today's top thrillers with ripped-from-the-headlines stories of identity theft and the staggering growth of online communities, On The Razor's Edge is a breathtaking adventure of loss, loyalty, betrayal and courage that blurs the line between reality and the online world and keeps the reader on the razor's edge throughout.