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Time for race fans to 'Get Etched'

(May 5, 2006) -- Wanna come up and see our etchings? Seriously, one of the most innovative new product lines in the NASCAR.COM SuperStore is just that -- an immaculate series of NASCAR-themed collectibles featuring images etched into high quality granite.

Get Etched, a company based in Brunswick, Maine, has utilized a high-tech, state-of-the-art laser process to create some of the neatest pieces of memorabilia to come along in quite some time.

The flagship of the Get Etched catalog is its series of Victory Lane plaques. Each piece of black granite is etched with images of victory celebrations involving some of NASCAR's top stars, including Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch.

SUPERSTORE Get 'Get Etched' laser-etched granite plaques and coasters!
"We've just added a Victory Lane collectible showcasing Jimmie Johnson's Daytona 500 win," says Get Etched co-owner Mike Roy. "We plan to announce more new Victory Lane pieces in the near future."

Available in both 5" x 7" and 8.5" x 11" versions, each comes with a handsome display stand.

Driver-specific Victory Lane coasters are also popular. They feature the same imagery found on the plaques.

"As many fans know, Jeff Gordon owns a winery now," says Roy. "We've created two special coaster sets for his winery. We're also offering those."

Rounding out the Get Etched granite product line are candle and coaster sets featuring Gordon and Johnson. Victory Lane graphics adorn the candle coasters, while the five-inch tall red apple spice candles display a sticker with the driver's replica signature, car number and Victory Lane logo.

Rock solid start
Roy and business partner Tim Daigle (who also co-own Statewide Granite and Page Monuments) came into the collectibles business almost by accident.

A NAPA store manager for 18 years, Roy hosted a dinner in Portland, Maine, a couple of years ago to celebrate Michael Waltrip's Operation Marathon. That event raised nearly $250K for Waltrip's program.

"My partner today, Tim, owned funeral homes and a monument company," Roy explains. "He wanted to get into laser etching for the monuments, but it's very expensive technology. I suggested that he go mainstream with the concept and do custom etching on items like granite coasters and other collectibles. We started by doing 600 coasters for the Michael Waltrip dinner and giving them away as keepsakes."

The coasters were an immediate hit with those in attendance.

"Everyone wanted to know where they could buy three more coasters to make a complete set," Roy recalls. "We also did an 8.5" x 11" granite piece with Michael's image etched on it to be auctioned off at the dinner. It sold for $1000. We knew we had hit on something."

Indeed they had.

NASCAR driver Jerry Nadeau was so impressed with the product that he arranged for Roy to have a meeting with John Bickford, Jeff Gordon's stepfather and the man who heads up JG Motorsports.

"John asked me if I'd be willing to put together a dinner for the Jeff Gordon Foundation similar to what we did with Michael Waltrip," says Roy. "Of course, I said I would, and John put the licensing together for us to start making collectibles on the JG Motorsports drivers. That's basically how Get Etched was born. John Bickford was really instrumental in helping us get started."

Giving something back
Rest assured, Get Etched's product line isn't geared exclusively toward NASCAR drivers. They can custom etch virtually any image into granite. Whether it be a family photo, a shot of your street rod, your pet... You name it. They can do it.

And in a day and time when giving is more important than ever, Get Etched takes a proactive stance toward charitable causes.

The company's initial effort for the Jeff Gordon Foundation raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000.

As part of the program, specially-designed envelopes are provided in which patrons can place their favorite photo and mail it to the Get Etched facility for etching into granite. The cost is very affordable, with a large portion of that being donated to The Jeff Gordon Foundation.

"We like helping out wherever we can," says Roy. "We're about to embark on a campaign where our goal is to raise $100 million for Alzheimer's research over the next five years. The program will be called 'Preserving Your Memory.' Michael and Buffy Waltrip have graciously agreed to be our spokes people. We'll be launching the campaign at the July race in Loudon, N.H."

Preserving You Memory will also include an "envelope program." In this case, Get Etched places the envelopes in over 20,000 independently-owned funeral homes nationwide. A substantial portion of sales generated will be donated to the Fisher Center For Alzheimer's Research at Rockefeller University.

"Everyone knows someone who is touched by Alzheimer's," Roy acknowledges. "The Fisher Center does an outstanding job. We're really excited to be working with the Center's vice president and COO, Mary Asta, on this project."

And if those two projects aren't enough to keep Roy and Daigle busy, Get Etched is also involved in a new promotion for Victory Junction Gang Camp. That initiative is known as the "Wall of Giving" and will be officially unveiled May 22.

"What we're doing with Victory Junction will include yet another envelope program," says Roy. "In this case, however, fans will be asked to buy two etchings. One will be sent directly to the purchaser. The other will be sent to Victory Junction where it will be built into the Wall of Giving. Again, a large portion of the proceeds will go to the camp. Basically, all the people who donate to the camp can pay to have etching of their family added to the Wall."

Roy is quick to acknowledge the corporate partners who aid in his company's charitable efforts.

"MILSO Corporation, a company that services the funeral industry, has been a tremendous help in the Preserving Your Memory project," says Roy. "They've worked with funeral homes across the nation to distribute our envelopes. Those locally-owned independent funeral homes are going to make the campaign a huge success. Premiere Sports Travel (Brian Wilder, president) and Team EJP Pipeline Specialists (CEO Peter Prescott) have also been tremendous assets to our programs. They're helping us make a difference."

For more information on Get Etched custom etching and the charitable ventures spearheaded by the firm, check out the company web site at